Crush Motion is a boutique animation studio.

Born out of Crush Creative we are made up of a core team of illustrators, art directors and animators. We manage your project from start to finish, with our in-house production & design team collaborating with the best creative talent all over the world. Our projects range from social media campaigns for local start-ups to complex animations for global brands.

What we do

Explainer Videos TV Idents Broadcast Show Packages Tune-In Campaigns Animated GIFs Social Media Campaigns Short Films
Virtual Event Packages


Our Process

Stage 1 - Discuss & Define

The heart of every impactful animation is cleverly catering to the needs and objectives of the brief. We will collaboratively shape the brief, and define your brand values, target audience, purpose and strategy. We will also spend time researching relevant areas and finding best practice examples.

Stage 2 - Concept & Script

A key part of any animation is the storytelling and the script. You can give us the words, or we can work together to develop the script, and pinpoint the key messages throughout. From here we will also develop the overall concept and style of the animation.

Stage 3 - Style Test

Now that we have defined the approach and idea, we will develop a style test of a key frame. Dependant on the brief, we may offer three styles to choose from, one of which will be approved before we proceed.

Stage 4 - Pencil Storyboard

With the style established, next we sketch out the full storyboard. It’s important to determine the storyline before we create the full colour frames – this is the stage where we can develop ideas and make any necessary changes.

Stage 5 - Full Colour Storyboard

Next we will develop the full colour artwork, based on the approved style frame and pencil storyboard. We will prepare all assets ready for animation.

Stage 6 - Animatic

Timing is an incredibly important aspect to any animation, so before we dig into the animation, we will create an animatic using the still frames. During this stage we will also explore music options if required, and offer VoiceOver options.

Stage 7 - Animate

With the script, timing, style and design established, we are ready for the exciting part – bringing it all to life. We will create a short animation test to be approved before we create the full timeline, then once you are happy with the overall look n feel, we will animate the full piece.

Stage 8 - Sound

Once the animation has been approved, we are ready to add the final touches. Sound effects can really benefit an animation, and we will work with sound designers to create a bespoke piece that works with both the music and the VoiceOver.

Stage 9 - Deliver

We will export the animation in all the required formats and in the correct spec for your output. It’s now ready for all the world to see!